• All engagement fees and deadlines are agreed upfront, so there are no surprises during the engagement. We do not charge hourly fees.
  • Engagement fees range from € 5,000 upwards, payable to our French multi-currency corporate bank account.
  • To supply our multi-national Clients’ with certainty i) engagement fees can be paid by installments and ii) we have a refund policy and iii) speak to our multi-national Clients’ for a professional reference;
  • For complex engagements, we collect a retainer fee before we agree a solution with our Client
  • How to engage Global Business Set Up LLC?:
No Step Detail
1. Email: Send us an email and we will reply within 12 hours;
2. Phone: Phone call with Aidan Healy to discuss the engagement;
3. Fees: We agree a solutions and the engagement fees;
4. Meeting: A face to face meeting with Aidan Healy (if required);
5. Engagement letter: Our Client signs our engagement letter;
6. KYC: Our staff complete our Know Your Customer due diligence and supply our Client with a detailed project plan;
7. Solutions: Our multi-national Clients’ receive weekly detailed engagement status updates comprising quality deliverables;
8. Completion: Our multi-national Clients’ complete a Customer Feedback Survey and hopefully supply us a professional reference