Global Business Setup

Global Business Setup is a boutique professional advisory Firm, based in Mougins in the South of France. We specialize in advising multi-national Clients’ international accounting and tax, including French tax and USA taxes.

The business is owned and managed by Mr. Aidan Healy (click link), an Irish Chartered Accountant with 25 years of international accounting and tax experience. Aidan also owns Global Business Setup and is now semi-retired in the South of France.

Aidan and his team are interested in helping quality multi-national Clients’ with:

  1. Legally minimizing international taxation;
  2. French company registration and multi-currency corporate bank account opening;
  3. USA company registration and multi-currency corporate bank account opening;
  4. EU company registration and multi-currency corporate bank account opening;

The Global Business Setup team is excited by complex international accounting and tax challenges. And we supply simple, practical, legal low tax solutions. We have high Know Your Customer due diligence standards;

All engagement fees and deadlines are agreed upfront, so there are no surprises during the engagement. Our values include integrity, honour, transparency, and respect. We expect the same from our multi-national Clients’

Each Friday during the engagement, our multi-national Clients’ will receive a detailed weekly engagement status update comprising i) problems and solutions and ii) progress and strategy and iii) quality deliverables;

Meet Mr. Aidan Healy

Aidan HealySince 2003 and on behalf of multi-national Clients’, Aidan Healy and his international staff have registered 900 global companies; project managing the A to Z of business set up in every country on the planet.

In 2017, Aidan Healy retired from the global business of Healy Consultants PLC. In 2018, Aidan migrated to the South of France with his family. Nowadays, he prefers to spend his time i) taking care of his family and ii) serving a small number of quality Clients’ and iii) managing a small farm and iv) optimizing the quality of his health and v) immersing himself in French and USA accounting and tax and business set up.

A more detailed profile of Aidan Healy can be found on this web page.